Why a commission?
Here's why

Have you got a favorite view where you lived, play or somewhere amazing that you see on your way to work?

Do you want to give a loved, one, friend, or colleague an artwork that means something special to them, or to both of you?

Does your company need a specific artwork which reflects their product, or their values, or their location?

What is a commission?

A commission is a piece of art created specifically for you. All my artwork is unique but a commission is even more so !

The artwork is created according to what you have asked for. You could be vague and just say you want a painting of a street scene in your local town or be more specific and provide a photo from which you want me to work.

I've also been asked to work from a photo but to change the weather, or the time of day, from morning to evening.

Commission examples
Zuger Altstadt

The client wanted a painting similar to another of mine, which she had seen, but bigger!

I had a few reference photos already which was lucky as when I visited the location to get some more, a lot of the buildings were covered in scaffolding and screening.

Lady with dog
Lady with dog

I included the client walking her dog in the painting.

She said she loves to see if people spot it when they visit her.

Some previous commissions

Paradeplatz, Zuerich
Favorite street scenes

With this commission, the client wanted a painting of her home town as she was living abroad. She had seen another of my paintings of the same city but wanted another view. The rain adds colour and interest through reflections.

Zuger Altstadt

Here the client knew exactly what she wanted - a specific view from a specific view point.

The sky was artistic licence to add some interest.

Card image cap

Love hearts but specifically without slogans of the present day so I replaced text such as "SMS me" which was wise as now, according to my offspring, sending an SMS is so old school.

Of course I ate all the unwanted ones.


Contact me to find out how to go from here with a commission. Send me your ideas by email and we can work it out. There's absolutely no obligation at the premlimary stages.